Getting to know Delphine & Julie

Meet Delphine, founder of Fortry The Label, and her sister Julie. Both two very ambitious women who at the same time take care of their kids and family. Julie is 30 years old and is a very passionate hairdresser. She’s a mother of two, likes to go for a drink and loves to spend her free time with friends and family. Delphine is 32, has a six-month-old son Jeffke and loves doing all things creative. You may know her as the owner of Magnificence, a clothing store in Kortrijk and of course, the founder of Fortry The Label. Delphine was always inspired by her close family. Her father was very business minded and had his own very known hair salon. He even won a Belgian Championship once! Always in for a party or a good laugh, he loved making everyone smile. He was very creative as well and loved to share his dreams and fantasies with his kids, which for them felt magical. Her mother loved being creative too and spent her time painting and decorating. A very warm and close family, that’s how Delphine would describe her household. Julie and Delphine are two peas in a pod. They are very close with each other and are there for each other, always. When stress comes kicking in or life gets a bit tougher, they can rely on each other which gives them the strength to keep going and keep moving forward. A positive mindset and lots of love, is what matters to them most. Fortry The Label is an ode to her dad, who has always been her hero. Her choice to use Fortry, her father’s last name, for the brand name is one that she’s very proud of. Her father always believed in her strengths and powers and pushed her to be creative and go for her dreams. He wanted her to be happy in everything she did. Fortry is also a very unique name, and it sometimes makes us laugh when we hear people trying to pronounce it. When asking the two sisters what item from the collection is their favorite, Julie immediately said “The Proud Dress”, classy and elegant. Delphine chooses the “Inspire Dress”, although she really loves every item just as much. Everything was drawn and created with pure love and the most beautiful fabrics. So every piece is a favorite!

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