Meet boss babe Anastasya

Meet Anastasya Chernook, a Belgian female entrepreneur, artist, podcast host and mother with Kyrgyz roots. She’s known as thé glamorous boss babe who’s always empowering other women to live at their full potential and to become the woman they’ve always dreamt of being. With School of Confidence and Anastasya’s Clubhouse podcast, she talks with different individuals about their personal journey, confidence, authenticity and self-expression in the world and this society. The always busy 29-year-old tries to find balance in life. It might look like she’s living an ultra-glamorous life, which she often is, but she knows what hard work is and has a lot of responsibilities being the entrepreneur that she is today. Combing her very busy schedule with being a mother and wife is a real hustle. Don’t you underestimate it! But she loves what she does, and she wouldn’t want it any other way. When asking her what her biggest goal was in life, she responded: “I want to be happy. Happy with who I am and happy with what I do. And if I can, I would love to make the world a better place. Even if it’s in the smallest gestures.” Especially when it comes to women, she loves being a helping hand. Life is too short to not go for your dreams & aspirations, and that’s exactly the message she wants to bring with School of Confidence. A small Q&A: Favorite advice to women who are struggling with confidence: “Fake it till you make it! At School of Confidence we focus on creating an alter ego. If you are too shy or too scared, then you can rely on your alter ego to thrive and glow!” Favorite tip to women who want to combine a career & family: “Always start your business from your heart. Start with the right intention, the right reason and then everything will work out. Also, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, to accept help from other people and most of all, to be patient with yourself. One day at a time. You don’t have to become Jeff Bezos in just six months. The cover of Forbes can wait ;)” Favorite motivational quote: “You can’t outdo the doer.” Favorite item of Fortry The Label: “I love everything! I could never choose one color, one outfit, one dish… I love being able to choose. And luckily at Fortry The Label, there are tons of options to choose from.”

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