Meet the faces of our Desert Dream photoshoot

Meet Kadidia and Aminata, two twin sisters who are the main faces of our Desert Dream photoshoot. With a Senegalese and Mauritian descent and being raised in an African household, they were destined to have a special bond with each other. Both young women are very ambitious and driven and have worked in fashion as well. So, when founder Delphine asked them to model for Fortry The Label, they never hesitated. 

When asked how they met Delphine, we had to go way back in time. Kadidia, Aminata and Delphine were high school friends. Although Delphine was in a different class and a year older, they were always drawn to each other on the playground. And so, the beginning of a long friendship started. Until this day, the twins and Delphine have a very close bond which they all are very grateful for. 

At Fortry The Label, we believe in seeking a meaningful connection with something bigger than ourselves. And we also feel like having a twin sister is a special kind of bond that can’t easily be explained. Twins symbolize duality, harmony, joy, good luck, and the idea of perfect balance. When talking to Kadidia and Aminata, we could associate those traits with them. They feel very connected, at ease and well understood by each other. They can sense when something is on or off without any form of verbal or physical communication. Is this a connection non-twins can ever experience? I guess we will never find out.

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